Hi there!
You know I’m cheap. That is, I don’t like spending too much money on things. Especially, makeup and fashion items. Yet, there are some things I do spend my money on regardless of whether I think they are expensive or not. Now, WARNING, most people will think that none the products on my “expensive” list are costly. Just remember: I’m cheap!

Anyways, here we go…

Skincare and makeup products at the cheapest price– Eye cream: I use L’Oreal Paris Advanced RevitaLift Eye Day/Night Cream. It’s usually around $13 at the drugstore. I manage to pay around $10 on eBay.
Wrinkles are beginning to show and I’d like to think I can do something to slow the process down. Though my choice is not terribly expensive, the price is more than the average I pay for any products I typically consume.

– Night cream: I’ve been using and loving Nurtura Replenishing Cream by Avon. It’s $8.50 plus shipping on avon.com. I normally get three for $12 or 1 for $4.50 plus free shipping on eBay.

– Lips: I’m addicted to the Covergirl Outlast All Day Lip Colors. If my favorite shade is not on sale, I’m willing to pay the $9 it retails for at the drug store. However, many times I find it at half the price on eBay.

– Liquid liner: I don’t use any other type of liner and I prefer to buy the L’Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense felt tip liner. It works for me and stays on all day (around $8 at the drugstore). That being said, I have used and was content with the ELF Essential Expert Liquid Liner ($2 at eyeslipsface.com) I just feel it’s not dark enough, it smudges more easily, the formula is more liquid and stains my eyelashes as I apply it, and the brush tip is not great.

– Mascara: My all time favorite has been discontinued so I’m looking for a new one. I typically look on eBay to save but, I’ll pay full price if I have to (never more than $9)

– Hair: CHI Silk Infusion. The 6.0oz bottle is between $15 and $25. I got mine on ebay. It was 3/4 full (it had been used) I paid $6.50 and that was 3 years ago. I still have a quarter of the bottle left!

– Toner: I trust Neutrogena Alcohol Free. It’s between $6 and $8 at the drugstore. I have not been able to get any discounts yet.

– Nail polish top coat: I’ve been using Glisten and Glow by HK Girl – It’s $6.99 plus shipping on their website. So far, I’m happy with the results I get. However, I wish the nice shine it gives my nails the first day, would last longer. I’m still looking for that perfect top coat!

– Shampoo/Conditioner: I go for Pantene. Although I’m not curly, I use the Curl Perfection duo. I find that it hydrates my hair and keeps it shiny. I have also been loving the Fructis Sleek & Shine line.

– Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant: although I switch the varieties around, I always buy Dove, in bar form.

As you can see, many of these products are not considered expensive at all. Although, there are certainly cheaper brands to most of them, I chose to spend a little more and get some specific brands that have gained my trust and give me the results I want.

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