I don’t own a huge brush collection but I feel I have the basics and, more importantly, I have not spent crazy money on it. Here’s my tips on where to find affordable quality makeup brushes.

Affordable quality makeup brushes

Here’s a list, prices, my opinions on them, and where I got them.

Let’s begin with my favorites.

– L.A. Colors Eyeshadow Shader brush: this is my favorite brush because its packed with soft bristles that are tight enough to allow me to apply shadow and lose enough to blend them. Its not too small and not too big. Just perfect.
This cheap NBA jerseys brush came on a set of two with cheap nba jerseys a (not very useful in my de opinion) blending brush. It was around $2.59 at Family Dollar

– ELF Essentials Blending Brush: if I had to live with only one brush, that would be this one. I manage to make it work for every purpose. It cost me $1 at eyeslipsface.com.

– ELF Essentials Eye Shadow Brush: this one packs the perfect amount of eyeshadow and pats it on your lids efficiently. It cost me $1 at eyeslipsface.com.

Order My fake Real Techniques Buffing Brush: ON no words, I bought it on eBay for $1.69 from a Chinese seller named “lincx”. It’s perfect. Soft, full, and never sheds. See it// <![CDATA[
// ]]>here.

– My fake Real Techniques Angled Flat Top Brush: Same as above. It rocks! Also, $1.69. You can see it// <![CDATA[
// ]]>here.

ELF, imitation Real Techniques, and LA Colors brushes


Those were my favorites. Below are the rest, in no particular order.

– ELF Studio Contour Brush: the tightly packed, short bristles make this brush ideal for the crease – $3 at eyeslipsface.com.

– ELF Essentials Eye Crease Brush: I use this one to add the tiniest bit amount of eyeshadow to my outer corner area and the crease – $1 at eyeslipsface.com.

– Fake Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush: I purchased this dupe on eBay… from the Chinese seller “mingxuejun.” I paid $1.79. When it arrived, I was shocked to discover it was exactly like the real brush. It even had the brand’s logo on it. What??? Get it// <![CDATA[
// ]]>here(while it wholesale jerseys lasts!)

Imitation Real Techniques shader brush found on eBay

– Soft round blush brush: I had to make the name up cause I’m not sure what the intention of this brush is. I use it to contour and to apply blush. I paid $2.08 on eBay but it’s no longer available.

– ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush: I use it to apply cream blush. Overall, very good and it was only $3 at eyeslipsface.com

– ELF Essentials Total Face Brush: I used to have this brush and didn’t like it too much because the bristles were coarse. When it broke I went back to CVS to replace it and found a brush labeled by ELF with the same name… although it didn’t look like the same brush! The size was the same, but the bristles were soft and of a light wholesale Minnesota Vikings jerseys brown color (the other ones were red) In conclusion, I like this new brush and hope ELF doesn’t go back to the previous style.

Quality affordable brushes

The above add up to Among just under $23 with taxes and all. Not bad, right?

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