I don’t own many eyeshadow palettes but I wanted to share what I have, how much I’ve paid for them, and my opinions on their quality.

– Best performing: Wet n Wild Icon 6 Color Palettes.

I own “Lust” and “Vanity” and they are both spectacular. The shadows are pigmented and stay on. The color combinations are well thought out. These palettes are simple yet reliable.

I purchased BRUSHES mine at DD’s Discount for $2.49 (the pack also included “Pride” but I gave that one away because blues and greens don’t go well on me)  Wet n Wild doesn’t make them anymore. What a shame…-

Affordable great quality eye shadow palettes


– Most wholesale nba jerseys used: Coastal Scents Revealed 1 (and Revealed 2 in second place)

The shadows on these two palettes are hit or miss but I love Citroen them. I feel when it comes to shimmery eye shadows, I am covered for life. The colors are so beautiful! The main problem is not so much lack of pigmentation, but wholesale nfl jerseys the chunkiness and MáS fallout of some MONEY of these shadows. I’m not complaining, though. You can’t beat what you get for the price.

Affordable great quality eye shadow palettes

I got the Revealed 1 as a birthday present. I purchased the Revealed 2for about $10 including shipping on the Coastal Scents website during black Friday last year.

Affordable great quality eye shadow palettes


– Best find/special occasion: ELF Studio Prism cheap Eyeshadow.

I got mine by accident. I found it for $1 at Dollar Tree. It’s hard to believe because these are not discontinued, limited edition or anything like that. I can’t explain it. They had many on the shelf. The only con is that they only had the “Smoked” one that consists of colors that I’m not used to wearing. The palette is pretty good though, especially Clothes if you wet the shadows.

Affordable great quality eye shadow palettes


Of the palettes I mention above, the one that can do it all for me at the moment, is the Revealed 1. When I travel, I typically take that one and a matte neutral trio and I’m all set.

I also own a few meets other individual shadows, trios, and quads, but that’s topic cheap nba jerseys for another post 😉

Thanks for reading!