The secret to accessing products at cheaper prices is knowing where to find them. Below, I list my favorite places to shop for affordable makeup, clothes, and accessories, as well as other shopping tips.


Affordable makeup

eBay: I’ve been shopping on for probably ten years. It is no doubt the best place to purchase products for less. However, if you don’t have too much experience, my advice is that you take it slow. I might do a post in the future on my tips to shopping on eBay. But for now, know that as wonderful as it is, it can also go wrong easily if you don’t pay attention to the details of the listing and the feedback of the seller you are buying from.

Dollar Tree: my favorite dollar store on Earth! This place is amazing. Keep an eye on the make-up section. Oftentimes, they sell brand name items that were taken off the shelves at the drugstore for being off season, limited edition, or re-bumped/re-packaged. I’ve found many gems there (read my blog post on that subject). A word of advice here, I don’t purchase items that look like imitations i.e: shampoo, creams, mouth rinse, soap, etc. The store sells products that might look like legit brands or safe dupes. However, I was told that these are made in China where regulations over harmful ingredients are not strict, and they could contain poisonous chemicals.

Ross, Marshalls, DD’s Discount: run to the beauty department and look for markdowns. I’ve found many cosmetics at lowered prices. A couple of months ago at Marshalls I was able to stock up on Batiste dry shampoo. It normally goes for $7, I paid $4 each!

Big Lots: this place also has affordable makeup and good prices on cute things. One of my best findings: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes for $1 (around $8 at the drugstore)

Goodwill and other thrift stores: This will depend on where you live and your own style but personally, I purchase 99% of my clothes at the thrift store. You’ll be amazed at what you can find. If you are in urgent need for a specific item, you might just want to purchase it at a regular store. But, if you have the patience and like shopping, you might walk home with precious finds.

Free shipping + online sales/clearances: I check often on my favorite websites to see when they offer free shipping (especially with no minimum purchase). Why? Because I’m all about saving money and wouldn’t want to increment the cost of a product with a shipping fee. What I like the most, though, is then going to the sale/clearance items. I’ve purchased shirts from Aeropostale at $5, a scarf for $4 at Forever 21, eye shadows for $0.39 at ELF, and much more, all with free shipping.

Retailmenot: right before you hit that submit button stop and look. Is there a place to apply a coupon or promo code? If yes, then go to (or any website that’s similar) and look for any discount codes that can lower your total even more.

These are my ways to find affordable makeup and shop for less. Hope they are useful to you.

What are yours? I’d love to know! 😉

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