Treat yourself to a fun, fizzy bath without going broke at Lush. Make your own bath bombs. It’s easy and fun!


bath bombs - how to make your own



Mix together of the dry ingredients. After all is well blended, VERY slowly pour a little bit of the oil (blended with the essential oils, if you have any) and quickly mix it in with your hands. Make sure to wear gloves so the oils on your skin don’t transfer to the mix. Keep on adding oil and mixing until the powder becomes lightly damp. It should look and feel like wet sand. When you press the powder in your hand, it should pack together retaining its form.

Press the mixture tightly into the two halves of the mold. put a little extra so there’s a heap. Press the two halves together rubbing them against each other with firm pressure. Let the excess mix fall out.

Hold the mold on the palm of your hand and with your other hand tap its surface with a spoon. Continue hitting it all around very lightly until you feel the mold starts to let go. Then just lift it, turn the bath bomb around and do the same to remove the bottom part. Carefully place your bath bombs on a tray and let them dry for at least 24 hours.

* About the mold: I purchased medium size aluminum mold on eBay for $3.78 and a large plastic (Christmas ornament type) one also on eBay for $1.50

With this base you can get really creative and make all kinds of deliciously smelling and cool looking bath bombs.

Want ideas? I’ll show you my latest bath bomb creation on my next post 😉

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