elf makeup pretty much dominates my collection. I own their brushes, face products, lip colors and even one of their nail polishes. It’s an affordable brand that performs, for the most part, awesomely. So, when I found some items from elf Cosmetics for $1 at my local Dollar Tree, I had to get them.

elf makeup dollar tree

Here’s what I found and my thoughts.


elf Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in Midnight Rendezvous:

Wow! This was my favorite item. I bought it with the intention of using it as a base to apply other eyeshadows on. I figured the black would make other eyeshadows pop and it surely did! It works amazingly. Using it is almost addictive.

elf Jumbo Lip Gloss in Sangria Starters:

The color is beautiful and it works well with my skin tone. Yet, this product doesn’t stay on evenly. Shortly after you apply it, it starts to look patchy. Also, if you have lips on the thin side, you might want to use a liner, because as much as you run this gloss all around the edges of your moth, they will not look contoured.

elf makeup my latest purchases at dollar tree
Here’s how this lipgloss looks on my lips – no lip liner.
elf Baked Eyeshadow in Bark:

Amazing! I had never tried elf’s baked eyeshadows before. I’m impressed! This particular shade is stunning. The color, either wet or dry, is lighter than it looks on the pan but nonetheless gorgeous.

elf Smudge Pot in Brownie Points:

I already owned two other Smudge Pots and loved them. This new one did not disappoint either. The shade is a little worm for my skin tone. But, this won’t stop me from using it and finding ways to pair it with other shadows to make it work for me. The color is beautiful, it looks like molten copper. These creamy eyeshadows by elf are a dream come true because they are super intense and stay on all day without creasing. Your eye makeup will look like a million dollars, trust me.

elf makeup my latest purchases at dollar tree

elf makeup continues to be a go-to brand for me and these products only made my love stronger.

Buy this makeup on the elf Cosmetics website.

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