Hopefully, you’ve had time to gather all the ingredients required to make bath bombs. (Check the list here)


make bath bombs lavander

Now, you just need to add a few more things and get creative. Here’s a recipe of my own…


You’ll need:



Prepare the basic mix to make bath bombs according to the recipe (get it here).

Add a few drops of the lavender essential oil.

Now, divide the mix in two. Dye one half by adding a few drops of purple colorant at a time and blending it in with your hands until you reach the desired color intensity.

Add some lavender seeds to the second half.

Finally, make your bath bombs by filling up the mold, one side with the purple mix and the other with the preparation that has the seeds. To make them even prettier, spread some lavender seeds on the bottom of the mold (I put them only on side that has the white mix) Fill up this side slowly and gently press the bath bomb mix evenly against the walls of the mold trying to keep the seeds evenly distributed (you want to be able to see them when you remove the mold, like in my photo)

As always, remove the mold by gently tapping on it until you feel it’s released. Place the bath bombs on a tray and let dry for 24 hours. Then, wrap in foil or plastic, so they retain their delicious scent.

Happy bath bomb making! 😉

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