Granted, I don’t own too many but these two L.A. Colors blushes are pretty much all I need. They were $1 each at Dollar Tree, and no matter what the occasion is, I find myself reaching for them every day.

L.A. Colors blushes

The blush on the left is in the shade “Berry Plum.” I use it when I want fresh, spring, rosy cheeks. The one on the right is “Toasted” and is by far my most used blush ever. This shade is exactly the color of my cheeks when naturally blushed. It looks like my own skin and goes with every single look.

Another thing I highly appreciate about these two L.A. Colors blushes is that they are not shimmery. Although in the photo, you might see what it looks like glitter on “Berry Plum” I promise, they are very matte.

Now, not all can be perfect. These blushes, though beautiful, are not long lasting. I’d say they wear off after about six hours, at least for me. Do I have a problem with that? Not at all. For the price you’re paying, these L.A. Colors blushes are magnificent.

So, next time you see a photo of me that you like, be sure I’m rocking one of these two shades.

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