A couple of weeks ago a client gave me the Victorias Secret Fantasies Fragrance and Body Lotion in “Dream.” Believe it or not, a few hours later a good friend of mine gave my mom another Fantasies set in the “Secret Escape” scent. What are the odds? One thing is for sure: I’ve fallen in love.

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victorias secret fantasies fragrance and body lotion

A confession:

I actually have two things to confess. The first one is that I don’t normally like Victoria’s Secret scents. Let me be clear, I don’t think their products smell bad, I just feel they smell generic. You put on one of their lotions and you smell like any other girl.

Well, not with the Fantasies collection. These mists and body lotions are definitely something else. And the best part? You can layer two different ones and make your fragrance!

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I believe the time to wear these mists and lotions (judging by the two I’ve tried) will be the summer. They absolutely make me think of a beach vacation, or sunbathing by the pool. cialis 20mg preise

“Dream” is a touch sweet, almost coconuty. It reminds me of the ocean and coming fresh out of the shower after having fun on a sunny day.

“Secret Escape” is more citrusy, very fresh and invigorating. It makes me thing of a brand new day, a morning, the sun. It’s my favorite of the two. is generic viagra the same

victorias secret fantasies fragrance and body lotion

The lotions are lightweight, refreshing, and topped with their matching fragrance mists, their scents last for a decent amount of time. buy levitra bayer

Before I go, I bet you thought I forgot I had one more confession to make, didn’t you?… Well, here it is: I stole my mom’s set! 😉

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