Since YouTube beauty gurus are what got me into starting this blog, I figured I’d share with you who my favorites are. This might change in the future, but for now these ladies are my top 6 ūüėČ

YouTubers I Watch


She’s the one who started it all. My best friend told me to watch her videos because (supposedly) I sound like her when I speak. I love Kathleen because she’s genuine, beautiful, and I’ve seen her grow so much since I started watching her almost three¬†years ago. She’s also very humble and relatable. Plus, her makeup looks are gorgeous. She’s funny and sweet and I know she deals constantly with anxiety, so I admire her even more for fighting through that and pursuing her dreams.

Were to find her:   YouTube   |   Instagram  |   Twitter   |   Snapchat: kathizzle11   |   Website (never updated)

YouTubers I Watch


What a woman. Dani inspires me to be kind and positive because that’s what she projects out to the world. I enjoy watching her videos because she’s very eloquent and talks to you as if you were her long time friend. She makes it seem like filming her videos is an effortless task. Yet, she’s a busy woman, being a wife and a mom of two.

Were to find her:   YouTube | Instagram | Twitter

YouTubers I Watch


Elegance and sophistication are two things that come to mind when I think of Victoria¬†Magrath. That and her gorgeous hair, which is some times purple, baby pink or lately, silver. Her world and mine are very far apart. I presume she’s a wealthy girl, judging by her lifestyle and taste for expensive makeup. So, you could assume I wouldn’t be interested in her channel, yet since I like finding affordable alternatives, her videos serve as inspiration to me. Plus, listening to her British accent is fun.

Were to find her:   YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat: inthefrow | Website

YouTubers I Watch

Estée Lalonde

I like the way Est√©e speaks. She manages to be a balanced mix of sassy, bubbly, silly¬†and wise,¬†while always looking like she has her act together… even when something gets messy. She seems confident in her own skin and looks like she was meant to be in front of a camera. I feel she has a gift for entertaining and she’s slowly building her career into becoming something bigger. I can’t wait to see what she’s doing ten years from now.

Were to find her:   YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat: essie_button | Website

YouTubers I Watch


Yessenia is always herself. You can sense that through her videos. She’s entertaining to watch and I like that she’s as enthusiastic for fancy products as for stuff from the dollar store. Also, I can relate to her, at least right now,¬†because she’s not spending thousands of dollars on cosmetics. It feels like she’s not in the bubble of makeup hoarding and justifications where most beauty YouTubers live. That’s refreshing!

Were to find her:  YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat: surelyobsessed | Tumblr

YouTubers I Watch

Allana Davison

Allana Davison is gorgeous and her makeup looks are right up my alley¬†because she mostly uses cool tones and shimmery shades. I like that she’s silly, though sometimes her goofiness can be¬†a bit overwhelming. I started watching her when she wasn’t remotely as popular as she is now and I’m happy to see she’s still the same girl. Her makeup looks might look repetitive but are soooo stunning I don’t get tired of seeing them. She’s going places, and I’ll be watching.

Were to find her:   YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat: allanadavison | Website

These are the YouTubers I watch religiously. Granted, I also follow other channels, but these ladies influence my style and many of the beauty decisions I make every day. Who are your favorite Youtubers? Anyone else I should be paying attention to?

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