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elf MAKEUP – My latest purchases at Dollar Tree

elf makeup pretty much dominates my collection. I own their brushes, face products, lip colors and even one of their nail polishes. It’s an affordable brand that performs, for the most part, awesomely. So, when I found some items from elf Cosmetics for $1 at my local Dollar Tree, I had to get them.

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With the idea of inspiring you to check out your local thrift store, I put together this Valentines Day Outfits video where I take you shopping with me to my favorite store: Goodwill.


I found some cute dresses and also some romantic tops (which might not necessarily be used for a date, but for putting together a romantic look to wear on Valentine’s)

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Pieces shown:

What I’m wearing:

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STRESS FREE, FRUGAL HOLIDAYS – do it right next year

Many of us don’t think about situations or occasions until they are upon us. For this reason, I know the tips I’m going to share with you will require some adjusting and creating new habits. Yet, once put in practice, they can take the load of work and stress off your shoulders come next holiday season. I hope they are as useful to you as they are to me.

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